Kavanaugh is Newly Accused of Sexual Misconduct and Lying to Congress. But Who Cares?

He cried, pouted, and literally had a tantrum before the United States Senate. Then they gave him supreme power over hundreds of millions of lives. For the rest of his life.

New Allegations of Sexual Misconduct 

Published in a NY times essay, new details have renewed calls for Kavanaugh’s impeachment. But who cares about that? He allegedly stuck his penis in the face of someone who doesn’t remember it happening. Who cares? 

Kavanaugh is unfit for his judgeship for reasons that have nothing to do with his alleged sexual misconduct, him getting blacked out drunk, or even him lying under oath. Like the one who nominated him, he should be impeached for his incompetence. 

Any Adults in the Room?

Brett Kavanaugh, while on trial for membership in the highest, most powerful court on Earth: acted like a child. 

Any adult in the room, in the face of such serious allegations, should have said: “Take as much time as you need, investigate this fully. I am fully innocent so I am confident the investigation will prove the same.” Sat back, and let justice do its thing. 

But that is not, in fact, what he did. Instead, he cried, pouted, and literally had a tantrum before the United States Senate. Then they gave him supreme power over hundreds of millions of lives. For the rest of his life. 

When was the last time you cried at a job interview and got the job? Yes. That happened. And it’s just a footnote in the dumpster fire of American politics in 2019. 

Judges Need to be Stable

His performance was precisely the antithesis of how a judge should behave. 

Judges need to make decisions rationally, not emotionally; to interpret and apply the law without personal bias and passion. Judges will make decisions that will make them unpopular, and when enemies apply pressure, what does it say about a judge who CRACKS and makes decisions emotionally?

The judge that makes decisions over what my daughter is allowed to do with her uterus? I want one who will not cry, sniffle, and pout like a baby, complaining he doesn’t like how he’s being treated. 

“Absolutely No Evidence”

Over and over again one side of the aisle keeps on saying that Christine Blasey Ford made accusations with “absolutely no evidence”. 

Through tears, a grown man named Brett Kavanaugh accused Democratic Senators of a “calculated and orchestrated political hit”… and he did it with ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE. 

The insinuation that Democrats conspired with Blasey Ford and coordinated this “hit job” is complete and absolute nonsense, an accusation a teenager would scream at his parents in the middle of an impassioned fight.

Blasey Ford will go down as the one who made the accusations with “no evidence” but Kavanaugh ought to be remembered for uttering such pathetic whiny, emotional bullshit in a sworn statement before the US senate, and still getting the job of Supreme Court Justice. 

Make no mistake. This is White Privilege. At its Worst. 

Try to imagine what would happen to Hillary Clinton’s career, or Barack Obama’s, if they completely lost all control of rationality and temperament, and cried, spouting off ridiculous accusations… imagine the directions of their careers following that display. 

Kavanaugh crying like a sorority girl trying to get out of a midterm, and still getting confirmation into the Supreme Court is the most disgusting face of White Male Privilege. 

Christians, where are you?

Don’t you know the scriptures say that your leaders should have not even a hint of sexual immorality? In Paul’s first letter to Timothy he writes: “If anyone sets his heart on being an overseer, he desires a noble task. not given to drunkenness…” 

Privilege. Drunkenness. It’s all here.

Kavanaugh’s close college friends openly testify that he was repeatedly blacked out drunk in college (which he lied about), and the Justice himself testified under oath that he “still likes beer”. 

What about the entire book of Judges, what does scripture say when a corrupt judge is in power? The corruption of the leadership after Josha’s time repeatedly sent the nation into idol worship and exile. 

But the most important question here is why isn’t competency the uncompromising factor? What scripture must I quote from to appeal to you that your leadership should be ABLE and gifted in what they do? Through his testimony this man demonstrated that he is vindictive, given to rash emotions, and you have all applauded his ascension. 

You have sacrificed your morals and your base standard of competency so that this man might vote to make the government restrict a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body. Thus you associate yourselves and your churches with this mediocrity and incompitency. For this reason I am too ashamed to associate with your Christianity, I think Jesus would be ashamed as well. 

Imagine the Not so Hypothetical Scenario: 

Judge Kavanaugh is the swing vote on a landmark decision that will influence the future of the death penalty in the US. He is distraught over an extended family member who was devastated by a brutal, violent capital crime. Can we trust him to make the non-emotional judgment, built on the law and rationality? 

His performance before the Senate demonstrates the clear answer. When the pressure gets high, he’ll pout his lips and play the white privilege card, and he’ll play it hard. 

We make decisions from two sources: The rational, and the emotional. What do you see here?

Impeach this man

Not because of his alleged sexual impropriety, not because he lied to congress. Impeach him because he failed to be what America needs in a judge; impeach him because because the person making the most consequential judgments on Earth must be rational, not emotional. 

Let this man be remembered by the most asinine, juvenile comment of his hearing:

“Yes, we drank beer. My friends and I. Boys and girls. Yes, we drank beer. I liked beer. Still like beer. We drank beer.” -Brett Kavanaugh

Author: Kaiping Liu

Professional educator, musician, world traveler.

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