My dearest daughter,

When my 2 year old daughter looks back on this disgraceful moment in American history, I want her to know that although her baba failed, he tried.

Today was a dark day in US history. For the first time ever, there was not a peaceful transfer of power in the native country of your birth. And today we failed to convict the man whom the violence was for and we took a great step toward dictatorship. Today, you were too busy playing to notice, but the adults in your country failed to lift the heavy burden of democracy.

My hope is for you to read this letter in 16 years when you come of voting age. I want you to know that your baba tried, that he blogged and donated and voted and appealed to people personally… but alas my voice was not enough to persuade congress to do the decent thing. My hope is that when you can vote, your voice will be even more powerful than mine, that democracy will strengthen, and an informed citizenry will rule more powerfully than today. 

But alas, your vote was deeply wounded today.  

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