The Farce of the “Home Defense” Argument: Gun Advocates Want Much More Out of Their Guns

Both the Rittenhouse and the Arbery cases show that gun rights people believe the second amendment authorizes them to do much more than shoot a home intruder.

In both cases the perpetrators BROUGHT their guns to the people they wanted to shoot. In both cases when a scuffle ensued DIRECTLY AS A RESULT OF THE PRESENCE OF A GUN, they shot their weapons and killed unarmed people.

In both cases they used self defense as justification for their actions. 

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Multiculturalism and Sexual Assault Decimated My Conservative, Southern Christianity

My upbringing was idyllic, insular, homogenous, evangelical, Southern, and Christian.

School and church were the same place 6 days a week, 99.9% white, upper middle class, and the messaging was clear and consistent: Follow the script; We are disgusting, sinful, nothing; The ONLY good in us is because of God, and without Jesus we are horrible and condemned to hell. A real wham to the ole self esteem that one.

I babysat and wrote letters to raise support and pay my way on white savior mission trips. I had a purity ring and virginity pledge, I protested out on the street for the pro-life movement and cheerfully participated in fundraisers for the cause. I honestly enjoyed it all.

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A New Faith: After Christianity

I thought I needed Christianity in order to be moral, in fact it was the other way around: my innate morality drew me to Christianity. Now, post-christianity, what do I do with it?

When I left my faith I didn’t immediately start raping and murdering and punching babies in the face… as I suspected I would when I was an Evangelical. 

Sure, I started drinking more (well, anything is greater than zero), but significant parts of my Christian life remained: My priority of human connection/community, the belief that it’s a moral obligation to look after the poor and the alien… I still raise above all kindness, thankfulness, self-sacrifice…

Hence the term: Deconstruction. It means taking apart your faith, discarding the parts that don’t work, and repositioning the ones that still do. 

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6 Reasons Why Evangelicals Can’t Resist Conspiracy Theories

Insight from an Evangelical Insider

“T**** is President, Christ is King”

…was the phrase they were chanting while others prayed in front of a life sized crucifix. After beating policemen and breaking into the Capitol, they led a prayer from the dais of the senate. On Jan 6, 2021, the mob both embraced Jesus and the conspiracy theories that fueled their extremism. 

Where did this unholy marriage between Evangelicals (Evies) and conspiracy theories come from? What is it about the church that make its followers fertile ground for believing wild conspiracies like Donald T**** won the election, QAnon, Covid is a hoax, and more?

I spent 18 years inside the Evangelical Church, leading bible studies, worship teams, going on short-term missions trips… the whole nine yards. I have an intimate insider perspective on these 6 constructs in the Church that make followers primed for brainwashing. 

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My dearest daughter,

When my 2 year old daughter looks back on this disgraceful moment in American history, I want her to know that although her baba failed, he tried.

Today was a dark day in US history. For the first time ever, there was not a peaceful transfer of power in the native country of your birth. And today we failed to convict the man whom the violence was for and we took a great step toward dictatorship. Today, you were too busy playing to notice, but the adults in your country failed to lift the heavy burden of democracy.

My hope is for you to read this letter in 16 years when you come of voting age. I want you to know that your baba tried, that he blogged and donated and voted and appealed to people personally… but alas my voice was not enough to persuade congress to do the decent thing. My hope is that when you can vote, your voice will be even more powerful than mine, that democracy will strengthen, and an informed citizenry will rule more powerfully than today. 

But alas, your vote was deeply wounded today.  

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The Silver Lining

If anyone out there is looking for good news in this dark, dark hour, there is hope.

On this day, in a regular republic, the historic democratic win in Georgia would dominate the headlines. Martyred judge Merrick Garland getting the nod for Attorney General would be a prevalent article your eyes would browse over in your feeds.

But rather, our country was stabbed to its heart with terrorists defiling the senate dais, mocking the sacred power that We The People bestow on the body of representatives who rule there.

Live: Pro-Trump Terrorists Storm the US Capitol | Newsroom
Note how casually the intruder sits at that seat.

It is a tragic, devastating moment in American History, but there is good news if you just imagine this scenario:

After the riots, several senators still questioned and opposed the vote, pandering to the desires of the mob. Imagine for a second if, in the next senate, voters empowered these senators. If We The People handed majority power back to this group of senators who are unified in desire with these terrorists?

Jon Ossoff beat his opponent by only about 35,000 votes. Imagine if he’d lost. Imagine if this band of terrorists attacking our democracy was bolstered by the voter, empowering the GOP and its futile push to keep T**** in power.

The decision was made by Georgians before the chaos ensued, but at least they made the right decision. And one small consolation is we can all look back at this terrorist attack and know that we took power away from the party that invited it.

Perdue, Loeffler absent from Senate vote to override Trump veto of defense  bill
Bye bye.

The Chicago 7: A Review… on American Culture

We’ve come a long way since then… for the worst.

I want to make out with Aaron Sorkin’s words. I love pretty much everything he’s done from the West Wing to Charlie Wilson’s War. When I heard about the “Trial of the Chicago 7” I wanted to watch it immediately, but I have a 2 year old, so I’m on a strict diet of Pixar movies. 

I finally saw it last night and found an extraordinary film encapsulating the polarized nature of American society and its disdain for protest and civil disobedience… but I’m not here today to review a movie. 

Watch this Movie 

It’s a near perfect cast, with Sacha baron cohen delivering a career defining performance and michael Keaton somehow managing to steal the show despite the pedigree of the ensemble. Nearly all of the dialogue is true. The quick, balanced, and perfect dialogue is what you come to expect in a Sorkin release. 

The physical and metaphorical divide 

And yes, the most shocking event to happen to the founder of the Black Panthers actually happened. But this review is not about any of that. 

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Profile: A Man of Privilege, Loving His Neighbor (by voting blue)

Daryl is a good mate of mine (seen here with my daughter). He checks every box as a person of privilege, save his disability. But rather than reap the benefits of being an educated white male, he’s chosen to live and work among the poor and disadvantaged. His life is inspiring to me, and, after a bit of poking, I got him to share his story with y’all. Enjoy.


“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.”

-Jesus (Matthew 22:35-39)

“It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood, A beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine?”

-Mr. Rogers

I grew up in a somewhat conservative Christian family in a small, conservative town in Colorado (or at least it was when I was growing up). I was a fan of George W. Bush and though I liked Barack Obama, the first ballot I cast in a presidential election was for John McCain. 

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Abortion and Christianity: a Definitive, Biblical Discussion

Pause and imagine for a second if he encountered a woman leaving an abortion clinic facing the vitriol of pro-lifers hurling judgments and insults at her… would he be punitive or merciful?

I am anti-abortion. Please, as you’re reading this don’t forget this first statement. The author is against abortion. No one wins as a result of this procedure, the best solution is to avoid it at all costs. 

Let’s have a deep dive into scripture and what Jesus would want his followers to do about abortion in 2020. I want to begin with this verse: “For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified” (1 Cor. 2:1-2). In other words, I’m really going to focus on the words of Jesus and dabble a bit in what Paul wrote in making my arguments. 

1. A Metaphor for Abortion: Adultery 

I hope it’s clear that Jesus never spoke about abortion. In the absence of any commands on the subject, let’s reference something he did talk about, adultery: He didn’t like it (Matt 19:5-6, Matt 5:27-28). 

A bunch of religious folks were holding stones trying to kill a woman caught in the act: stoning her would have been lawful (Deut 22:22.). Remember what he did? Brush up here: John 8:1-11

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The Simplest Argument Against Trump

Nearly everything Trump touches is chaotic and confusing, but one simple argument against him only gets better with time.

Trump’s own failures and scandals distract from each other. There is so much evidence for his incompetence and corruption that it’s really hard to focus on one thing, and that’s where his supporters can focus on a single accolade and put it above all the static. 

What do we do with all the static? From caged children, to approaching 200,000 coronavirus deaths, to his ties to Russia, to his failed border wall… I’m out of breath naming each of these MONUMENTAL scandals, any single one of which would have ended any normal political career. 

There is one specific argument that has all the elements of a sound, focused, repeatable, irrefutable argument against this president: “the universe of criminality” surrounding trump. 

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