The Silver Lining

If anyone out there is looking for good news in this dark, dark hour, there is hope.

On this day, in a regular republic, the historic democratic win in Georgia would dominate the headlines. Martyred judge Merrick Garland getting the nod for Attorney General would be a prevalent article your eyes would browse over in your feeds.

But rather, our country was stabbed to its heart with terrorists defiling the senate dais, mocking the sacred power that We The People bestow on the body of representatives who rule there.

Live: Pro-Trump Terrorists Storm the US Capitol | Newsroom
Note how casually the intruder sits at that seat.

It is a tragic, devastating moment in American History, but there is good news if you just imagine this scenario:

After the riots, several senators still questioned and opposed the vote, pandering to the desires of the mob. Imagine for a second if, in the next senate, voters empowered these senators. If We The People handed majority power back to this group of senators who are unified in desire with these terrorists?

Jon Ossoff beat his opponent by only about 35,000 votes. Imagine if he’d lost. Imagine if this band of terrorists attacking our democracy was bolstered by the voter, empowering the GOP and its futile push to keep T**** in power.

The decision was made by Georgians before the chaos ensued, but at least they made the right decision. And one small consolation is we can all look back at this terrorist attack and know that we took power away from the party that invited it.

Perdue, Loeffler absent from Senate vote to override Trump veto of defense  bill
Bye bye.