My little mission to save the world, and how it worked.

It’s not often that you get an idea that might change the world, and you actually have the capability to do it. I have a baby girl (my first) coming in less than one (1!!!) week so my brain has been going a million miles an hour and wrestling with the question: “What have I done to improve this place?”. I have recently lost my faith, but I have decided to be a moral person, so how do I manifest this morality in a way that improves the world for my daughter? A few weeks ago, I found an answer to this question.

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An open letter to my Christian Friends:

As you may have heard, a few years ago I stepped away from my faith. Since then I have been wrestling with rebuilding my identity: which elements of Christianity will remain a part of the core of who I am and what I will fight for. I don’t regret my days in the church because I lived a life that enriched those around me, and for that reason I have decided to keep the following Christian virtues (among others): community, self-sacrifice, and taking care of the poor and marginalized.

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