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Humanity is at a Crossroads

Historically, Christianity has been a pivotal institution in elevating humanity into the moral, prosperous societies that dominate the globe today. But the inflection point has passed, the blindness and ignorance perpetuated by the new extremist factions of the faith now pose the greater threat to humanity. I wish to discuss rejecting the ill that it inflicts on Earth while embracing the good that remains.

My hope is to build a community of people who find themselves on the continuum between Christianity and Agnosticism; a home where moral people who still want to affect good on Earth apart from the church can find a voice, and a place to condemn the church that has become too impotent or toxic to fulfill the original call of Jesus Christ.

Since WWII the US has been the forerunner of progress and human rights; but in 2019 we have declined in our influence, taking steps backward, and surrendering our moral relevancy. The US is no longer the single or best example of a moral government, I also want to share my insights from my world travels to illuminate new ideas of what works, and expose the failings of corrupted societies who hold millions of humans from prosperity and freedom.

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