George H. W. Bush would lose badly and early in the 2020 primary, this fact should give us pause.

There was a time in my life where I felt that the biggest existential problem to the US was a man like him. I now long for those days. George H Bush was a patriot. I disagree with the man but I have never doubted that he put his country first in nearly every decision he made. I have no doubt that the man in the white house now in 2018 has only his own interest in mind for every decision he makes (if anyone out there disagrees with this please DM me, I am genuinely curious ahow one would defend this).

In July of 2015, the current GOP leader and frontrunner in 2020 openly mocked and diminished John McCain’s time as POW and the torture he endured there. The then candidate said “I like people who weren’t captured.” Really, it should have been over then, and journalists thought that it would be the end, that the GOP wouldn’t tolerate mocking a war hero. Well, we know that outcome of that. Although McCain and H. Bush are not perfect analogues, it’s clear: Blind allegiance to a cult-leader has completely usurped any affinity to a candidate who has served his country.

bush navy

If I were a conservative I would be taking a hard look in the mirror and then try to see if there is anything recognizable left in my party: How could a minority of extremists hijack the GOP in just a few decades? Bush was a military hero, an experienced politician, a moderate conservative, and in 1988 this is what the GOP wanted. Today the same party applauds name calling, diminutive nicknames, and false accusations.

We need a hero like George H Bush today. We need someone like him in 2020 to save the Republican Party (and it is a Democratic Socialist typing these words). I don’t mind going blow for blow with a party that elects people like him. But now the GOP is immune to facts and elects people like the current president.

I just want you to pause and look at what these men have accomplished in the years before their presidencies: bush trump wiki

This is lifted from Wikipedia and, as it is the abstract of both men, it leaves off their major flaws. I want to footnote that it is empirically true that the latter has way more quantifiable flaws most notably his failed businesses and marriages, but I digress.

The difference between the resumes of these two men quite impressive. Just half a lifetime ago conservatives in the United States demanded that their leader have such a rich background in service, politics, and business as the late president. I am stunned by the poor qualifications and subsequent performance of your current leader, and if I were in your party I would be ashamed.

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I honour warriors and patriots like George H. Bush and long for the days when the worst outcome of an election is a man like him at the helm. He was my president for four years and I hope that he is not the last of the patriotic and respectable leaders the GOP elects.

Author: Kaiping Liu

Professional educator, musician, world traveler.

2 thoughts on “George H. W. Bush would lose badly and early in the 2020 primary, this fact should give us pause.”

  1. Kai, if you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend reading the book: Family of Secrets- The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Empire, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years by Russ Baker (2009). Some facts about the Bush family that most people don’t know include:

    a) GHB’s father, Prescott Bush, was a senior partner in the British-American investment bank Brown Brothers Harriman, which financed the construction of the railroad and oil monopolies. The Bushes were also tied very closely to the Rockefeller family fortune also through Standard Oil (Humble Oil of Texas)
    b) Prescott Bush was on the board of Yale University.
    c) Prescott, GHB, and GHWB were all members of the uber-exclusive Skull and Bones fraternity at Yale University.
    d) During World War II, Prescott was a key figure in the creation of the Office of Secret Service, which later became the CIA in 1947.
    e) GHB became the Director of the CIA after his stint as Ambassador to China. (During this time and even today, the CIA was known for overthrowing regimes that they believed were unfriendly toward US business and political interests. This includes the overthrow of the democratically- elected president of Iran, Mohammed Mossadegh, in the 1950’s, due to his decision to nationalize Iran’s oil. No wonder the Iranians hate the Americans to this day!)
    f) Lee Harvey Oswald was a known CIA asset before he ‘lone-assassined’ JFK.
    g) Osama Bin Ladin’s family owned the Bin Laden construction company, they are billionaires and involved in many of the most expensive construction projects throughout the Middle East.
    h) Osama Bin Ladin was a well-known CIA asset before the media blamed him for 9/11.
    i) Osama Bin Ladin’s uncle owned an airport in Houston. (Note that Houston is Bush country; its airport is named after GHB).
    j) GHWB was accused of repeatedly hiding key facts about the 9/11 attacks. For example, the 9/11 commission investigation report had 28 pages redacted for over 15 years, before private citizens forced them to be released in 2017.
    k) The Saudi ambassador to the US during GHWB’s term was nicknamed “Bandar Bush” due to the amount of time he spent at GHWB’s family ranch in Houston. He owned thousands of acres in Colorado and his kids went to the same private school as the children of Dick Cheney. Bandar Bush was later accused of being the primary figure behind the funding of the 9/11 attacks. Dick Cheney was GHB’s Secretary of Defense and GHWB’s Vice- President.
    l) GHWB has repeatedly blocked any further attempt to understand the sources of funding behind the 9/11 attacks.
    m) GHWB used WMD’s and the 9/11 incident to justify an invasion of Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein (GHB’s nemesis); it was later discovered that WMD’s did not actually exist or were not found to begin with.


  2. “There have been assertions that the formidable group of Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rice were responsible for all the deaths in the Iraq Conflict. A number of people have responded to the piece I wrote about the movie VICE. This threesome called themselves “the Vulcans”, after the Roman god of fire. Cheney served as the White House Chief of Staff, from 1975 to 1977. In 1978, Cheney was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives representing Wyoming and reelected five times serving until 1989, when he was the House minority whip in 1989. Cheney was selected to be the Secretary of Defense during the Presidency of George H. W. Bush, Sr, holding the position for the majority of Bush’s term from 1989 to 1993. Remember these years!

    Kristol wrote the War Over Iraq: Saddam’s Tyranny And America’s Mission with his co-author Lawrence F. Kaplan, which was published on February 1st, 2003, one month and change BEFORE the invasion. Note the timing. This was written to support Cheney. It takes time to publish this book.


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