I stand with the Kurds. I stand for Peace.

When arriving in a new country whilst traveling alone, the most vulnerable moment is always between the airport and the hostel: you have all your gear, you don’t know the transportation system, and you don’t know the language. On the bus ride to Istanbul, Turkey from the airport, I was comforted to find another English speaker, a local, sitting next to me. 

I struck up a conversation on the state of Turkey and Islam. He had some colourful things to say about the Salafis, among other topics pertinent to the Middle East… it wasn’t long before I found out my new friend is Kurdish. 

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Kai’s bday blog: The ramblings of an asian man at the end of his 30s

Greetings friend, thanks for having a read.

Hitting the midpoint of my life has led me to reflect on what it all means and what’s valuable for the next chapter. I hope you can relate with my bouts with ambition, ego, idealism and mediocrity.

I suppose I’m giving my insecurity about aging an uppercut to the scrotum by laying it all out on the internet, so here we go!

Over the past 20 years of being a ‘grown up’, I’ve encountered my share of trials and tribulations that have helped me to realise what I find meaningful (and what I should focus on) for the remainder of my life. 

Baby Kai way more hair than 40-year-old Kai
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